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  • The first stage is over

    The first stage of our „story of reconstruction“ of the NOE school campus is over, we have reached our target.

  • Stair tower completed!

    At the end of February 2022, a stair tower was handed over, which is the first building block on the way to the complete reconstruction of the NOE Christian Primary School campus on Zborovské square in Pardubice.

    This tower will serve as the main vertical road of the school, connecting the school with the courtyard and the playground, and it is also the main fire escape route for evacuation. In the future, when the entrance hall and the new locker room block are added, the tower will also enter the school. The tower now extends beyond the existing building by one floor, and the school building is thus partially ready for the extension of the fourth floor of the school with specialized classrooms.

    Many thanks to company Chládek & Tintěra a.s. with all suppliers, the management of the NOE school, the investor of school – the ARCHA – Brethren Church in Pardubice, the Salesians of Don Bosco, generous sponsors, architects, designers and consultants. You have given your heart, time, money, energy, energy to all of you who have had a heart at this first stage of our journey together.

  • Construction in full swing

    In mid-June 2021, the construction of the stair tower began, which began the first stage of the reconstruction of our NOE School. We are glad that the work is proceeding according to plan. The weather was good for us in the autumn as well. The construction of the stair tower is nearing completion. Early 2022, it should be approved.

    We want to thank everyone who contributed to the construction with their finances.